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November 13 - State inspectors trains to fight with fire

On November 7-8, 2017, a training workshop for Polistovsky Reserve state inspectors was held.

The organizers of the event were Polistovsky Reserve together with Greenpeace Russia.

The first day of the seminar was held in the guest house in Gogolevo (Loknya district), where the participants discussed legal issues in the area of protection of  territory. The head of program on specially protected natural areas of Greenpeace Russia Mihail Kreindlin told the participants about the legal bases for work of state inspectors for the territory protection of state nature reserves and national parks, introduced the most important articles of the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses, and duties of inspectors. Particular attention was paid to the design of protocols, in consolidation of the work, Mikhail invited participants to perform a small practical task and issue protocols for violators from the simulated difficult situation.

The second day of the event was held at the scientific and technical base of the reserve in Tsevlo (Bezhanitsy district) and was dedicated to the prevention and suppression of wildfires. The classes were conducted by the head of Greenpeace Russia firefighting program Grigoriy Kuksin and the coordinator of Greenpeace firefighting program for the North-West Natalia Maksimova. Among the participants were state environmental inspectors of Polistovsky Reserve, as well as representatives of Bezhanitsy District Administration, Bezhanitsy Forestry, Fire-fighting Forest Center of Pskov.

Within the framework of seminar, the were discussed issues relating to safety and firefighting tactics when working in natural areas. During the training, students learned methods helping to analyze the situation, make decisions on how to deal with forest fires, as well as fires in lowland and highland marshes, potentially possible in the reserve. Particular attention was paid to modern technical facilities that facilitate the work of firefighters: GPS navigators, quadrocopters, thermal imagers, probe thermometers, etc.

To fix the knowledge received by inspectors, an excursion to the shore of Tsevlo lake was organized, where tactical exercises were held according to the rules for assembling and using fire-fighting equipment. Also on the spot, Grigoriy Kuksin showed how to provide first aid to the victim of a fire.

Both days passed in a warm friendly atmosphere. Participants received a lot of new knowledge, which will be useful to them in their future work, as well as bright emotions. Polistovsky Reserve expresses gratitude for Greenpeace Russia and  Voluntary Forest Firefighters.

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