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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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November 10 - "The game that set you on fire"

Polistovsky Reserve became one of the 8 specially protected natural areas, the delegates of which took part in a very unusual event.

This is hackathon - a forum in which specialists from different areas work together to solve an overall problem.

Hackathon, held at the site of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, was devoted to the development of games about the safe handling of fire and the prevention of wildfires.


Among experts and participants of the meeting were: Greenpeace Russia, the "Noon" project, the Society of Voluntary Forest Firefighters, representatives of federal executive bodies, forestry authorities of regions, protected areas, teachers, illustrators, game designers. The moderation of working groups was carried out by the Association of Russian Trainers - "ARTa". Participants of the hackathon were 49 people, representatives of 13 regions.


What we put into the concept of game? What games are like? How the mechanisms for constructing a game story look? What will remain in the players' memory after the game is over? - game developers explained and discussed with participants. Game can become a functional tool that helps to feel the commonality of each person with a very important (sometimes vitally important) theme, quite unlike dry text from a textbook.


Within two days, teams of participants worked on their own games projects: desktop, role-playing or mobile. The main goal of each game was to create a reliable portrait of a natural fire: an enemy of a monstrous strong, fast, ruthless and strongly connected with man, but still "mortal”. To be careful, to analyze information (and to be able to distinguish truth from fairy tales), to strive to work in team with other people, to be prepared to sacrifice small to save more, do not be afraid to ask for help - such messages to future young players were hidden in the story by the creators of each game.


In the next two months the games will be finalized. By the end of the year, they will appear in the public domain on the information resources of Greenpeace Russia. "The best games will be part of educational materials that will be sent to schools across all regions of the country. Now the school program focuses little attention on fire prevention. We hope that this defect will be corrected, "says Sofya Kosacheva, head of the fire prevention project of Greenpeace Russia.


Photo: Maria Vasilyeva

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