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October 31 - Joint security raids continue

Since the beginning of the autumn, the amount of work for the security department of Polistovsky Reserve has increased.

In addition to patrolling and suppressing illegal harvesting of cranberries, state inspectors conducted joint raids with employees of other, but very close fields of activity.

During the year, there were traditional raids of the State inspectorate for small boats, the Department of fish protection of the Pskov region and the police officer of Bezhanitsy district in the water area of lake Tsevlo, the Plavnitsa river and the regional nature protected area "Lake Polisto" in order to detect illegal catching of commercial fish and infringement rules of behavior on the water. In total, 24 protocols were drawn up on an administrative offense.

Also, the staff of the protection department of Polistovsky Reserve together with the forestry employees of Bezhanitsy conducted raids on the protected area in order to detect illegal hunting. In September-October, the elk begins a mating period, this time hunters wait for the whole year. Fortunately, during the raid, there were no cases of illegal hunting, but similar events will be held more than once.

For reference. Preservation of natural complexes is a priority goal and the main task of the reserve. On its territory, any economic activity is prohibited, as well as being without the permission of the administration. In the protected zone of the reserve in specially designated areas, it is allowed to harvest berries of cranberries by hands up to 12 kg per person.

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