Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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November 9 - Guests of the Darwin Museum made gifts for birds

November 4 in cultural institutions of different parts of the country were held in the framework of the All-russian "Arts Night".

By analogy with the already quite popular "Museum Night", this is an evening in which a visit to a gallery, theater or museum is not a strict official event.

Collectives prepare special numbers, expositions, take out from the storerooms amazing things "with a history", invite unusual guests.


Polistovsky Reserve brought a motive for environmental protection in a vivid celebration of the "Arts Night" in the Moscow Darwin Museum. Workshop of the reserve was successfully placed in the surroundings of the photo works of the "Travel for help" competition finalists, organized by the International Center for Responsible Tourism. One of the photos tells about the work of the state inspector in Polistovsky Reserve - observations of the inhabitants of the protected forest with the help of a photo-trap.


The reserve prepared for visitors a simple but fascinating and very important creative master class: making cardboard feeders that help small wintering birds to survive a hard time. Small participants made up with unusual forms of feeders and decorated them with an edible patterned layer of cereals, seeds and nuts. Most of the completed works children took with them, the rest of the feeders went to a forest near Moscow, to the delight of its inhabitants. Voluntary assistants took an active part in the conduction of the master class: it rarely happens that the idea of volunteering equally captivates representatives of three generations of one family!

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