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November 9 - Vacations in Polistovie. Autumn

From October 28 to November 4, 2017, in the Tsevlo Village Club , the autumn program "Holidays in Polistovie" was held.

That time the guests of the village were the team of the Studio "DA" from St. Petersburg. Since its inception in 2008, the Children's Animation Studio (DA) is engaged in social-oriented work, creating cartoons with children in crisis situations and children with special needs.

In Tsevlo, multipliers came to get acquainted with the reserved Polistovie and young members of the Friends Club of Polistovsky Reserve for further work on the joint project, which would be implemented, perhaps, next summer.

On the first day of the meeting, the participants were offered an original way of acquaintance and fun games, and most importantly, a display of the latest studio cartoons, some of which became laureates of many prestigious awards. They liked the cartoons very much – their subjects were kind, some philosophical, and childishly truthful, and were greeted with applause from the audience.


The next day, the participants were waiting for the exciting quest game "In search of a magical flower." The space of the club's assembly hall turned into an enchanted village, surrounded by impenetrable swamps. Each participant in the world of the game had its own business - someone was baking bread, someone was making shoes, and someone even forged axes and cooked a miraculous potion! Together they had to equip the messenger in the swamp to get the cherished flowers that would heal the village elder. Well, meanwhile, the inhabitants had to jointly cope with the fire, epidemic and pollution of the natural source of water. And let the world of the game was carefully thought out and directed by adults, the guys could get a wonderful experience and feel their responsibility not only for nature, but also for the common cause. The game has traditionally ended with tea drinking and reflections on the topic, whether it is worth looking for happiness in big cities, or by working together to make life in the country better and more interesting, or maybe to achieve immortality in order to do good all the time! We thank the Studio "DA" for their good work!


Also in the framework of the program "Vacations in Polistovie" the Club hosted an exhibition of children's drawings sent to the contest "My Homeland is rich with kindness". In total, 264 works were received, of which the largest number was devoted to the nature of Polistovsky Region. The best drawings will become memorable calendars for 2018.


In the following days of holidays for the guys passed a master class on painting, where they got acquainted with the autumn still lifes of J. Cezanne and V. Serov, as well as a musical festival prepared by the children themselves. In addition to the fun games and competitions on the holiday, a mini-sketch "Tourists" was shown about the careful attitude to nature and the rules of behavior in the forest.

At the end of the program, visitors of a master-class created funny birds from multi-colored wool. We all got wonderful bullfinches, sparrows, little cedar, blue tomtits and even exotic parrots! The main thing is that guys could remember about their feathered friends, who needs human help in the winter.


All the activities of the program are realized within the framework of the project "The Village is rich with kindness", supported by the results of the contest "Healthy Generation" of the Union for the Protection of Mental Health in 2017.

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