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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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October 30 – Field report: Cranberry season in Polistovie.

Golden autumn is a hard time for employees of the protection department of Polistovsky Reserve.

Since September 17, manual collecting of cranberries on certain sites in the conservation zone of the reserve has been officially permited.

This year, protected area is more productive with berries in comparison with neighboring areas, not belonging to reserved lands.


The number of violators also increased compared to last year. Many people started harvesting the green berries long before the allowed date, so patrolling to stop the harvesting of berries near  Tsevlo in Bezhanitsy district and Gogolevo in the Loknyansky district was carried out already from the beginning of September.

An unusual case occurred in the village Boltuhino of the Loknyansky district. State inspectors of the reserve detained a collector of cranberries in the conservation zone. He was a young man from Belarus, who was already drafted a protocol on administrative offense for collecting berries last year, but since he reported false information about himself, the fine was not paid. However, operational staff found the offender in person even a year later and did not leave his offense without attention. A citizen of Belarus was taken to the administration of Polistovsky Reserve, where his real data was found, and now he will not disappear from punishment in the form of a fine of three thousand rubles.


For reference. Also among the duties of state inspectors: checking documents for the right to stay on the reserve and its conservation zones, detaining violators of a specially protected natural area, inspecting vehicles, personal belongings, weapons and other tools for obtaining objects of flora and fauna in a protected area, seizing products and tools of illegal nature management.

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