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October 27 - Results of the Children's Painting Competition

The eco-ethnographic contest of children's drawings "My homeland is rich with kindness" came to an end.

It took place within the framework of the preventive program "The village is rich with kindness". Organizers of the competition were Polistovsky Reserve together with the Village club of Tsevlo.

Residents of the Pskov region at the age of 5 to 18 years were invited to participate. Totally 264 works took part in the competition. 

So, the winners are: 
1. Nomination "History of my native land". 
Senior group. 
I - Gaydalenko Daria, MAO "Lyceum №11", Velikiye Luki. 
II - Terskaya Angelina, MBOU "Pechory Secondary School №3". 
III - Gorovskaya Olga, MBOU "Pechory Secondary School №3". 
The younger group. 
I - Gerasenkova Efrosinya, MBOU "Pechory secondary school №23". 
II - Chaikovskaya Diana, MBOU "Kudever secondary school". 
III - Mihovich Denis, MCDEU "Kindergarten No8". 
2. Nomination "The nature of my homeland". 
Senior group. 
I - Dolbik Valeria, MBU DO "Bezhanitsy Center for the Development of Children and Youth Creativity". 
II - Andreeva Anna, MBU DO "Bezhanitsy Center for the Development of Children and Youth Creativity". 
III - Pavlova Tatyana, MBOU "Chikhachevo secondary school". 
The younger group. 
I - Anastasia Kulik, Belarussian Secondary School. 
II - Chebotarev Veronica, MBU DO "Bezhanitsy Center for Development of Children and Youth Creativity". 
III - Tsareva Alina, MBOU "Pechory Gymnasium". 
3. Nomination "A dear place of my heart." 
I - Elkhazhiyeva Alla, MBOU "Miritinitskaya basic school". 
II - Valentine Moroz, MBOU "Pechory Secondary School No23". 
III - Mitina Olga, MBUU "Kirshinskaya secondary school". 
The younger group. 
I-Tikhonova Xenia, MBOU "Pechory Gymnasium". 
II - Borisenko Sergey, MBOU "Miritinitskaya basic school". 
III - Parhimovich Andrey, MBDOU "Kindergarten No21". 

As a result of the competition, children's art exhibitions will be organized in the Bezhanitsy library and the Village club of Tsevlo, and the most interesting of them will be published in the form of pocket calendars for 2018. 
All participants will receive letters of thanks, and winners - diplomas and memorable gifts. 
Thank you all for participating!

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