Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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October 20 – Reserved nature corners in schools

Information stands of Polistovsky Reserve appeared in schools of Pskov region.

For example, in schools of Bezhanitsy and Loknya, the staff of the environmental education department of Polistovsky Reserve placed brief information for pupils and teachers about activities, functions, as well as events and competitions held by the reserve.


Bright, rich information stands appeared in schools in the middle of October and already attracted a lot of attention from young nature lovers. Interest was caused by brief information about the work of protection, science, environmental education and tourism departments, as well as seasonal photos of Polistovsky Reserve fauna made by photographer Alexandr Ryabinin.

Each month, some of the information on the stands will be updated, depending on environmental date. Children and teachers of two schools can learn about promotions, seminars, contests and other events without accessing social networks.

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