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October 19 – Aware of a bear!

According to the message of Rdeisky Reserve, a bear was seen near the ecotrail.

The ecotrail passes through a bog, so that the employees are ready to meet with a bear in the vicinity of berry-picking places.


"How not to provoke a bear attack?" It's a frequent question from visitors of excursion routes.
Scientists who spend a lot of time in field expeditions, distinguish two stages of a bear "meeting" with a traveler who entered the territory of the forest owner. At the first stage, an animal shows a research interest, examines an unexpected guest, assesses the danger arising from it, or the opportunity to profit from supplies. At this moment, before the decision to attack is made by an animal (this is the second stage of "meeting"), a person can impress the enemy by demonstrating his "combat qualities". Bear, like many animals, estimates the strength of the enemy by its size. Young, inexperienced individuals are impressed by a jacket or tent raised on hands. Tourists describe the successful experience of using smoke bombs to scare off bears: a rapidly rising smoke cloud disorients and frightens an animal. Fear of the unknown is the other way to turn a bear into flight: a loud scream or a sharp sound, a clank of metal objects, a bright flash or a flame.

Bears living in densely populated areas of the European part of Russia are well acquainted with the capabilities of man and in case of a meeting (in the forest or swamp) they prefer to hide. The exception are females with small cubs and bears that have not come to winter hibernation.

In the photo: a bear in Rdeisky Reserve. Photo: Vladimir Arkhipov

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