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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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October 9 — Travel for help

One of the finalists of the all-Russian photo contest "Travel for help" was a photo taken in Polistovsky Reserve.

Anastasia Onaverina, participant of the volunteer project by Russian Geographic Society, made a photo report about the work of reserve rangers.

On a photo, inspector establishes a "forest camera". Pictures stored in the memory of the device are able to tell a lot about the life of the forest, which usually remains hidden from observer's eyes.

Phototrap, or a "forest camera", appeared in usual practice of russian specially protected natural territories relatively recently. It is a camera (sometimes with a video mode), equipped with a motion sensor, battery and binding system. All that is hidden in a durable waterproof shell, which has a camouflage color. When a moving object hits the radius of the sensor, camera silently and imperceptibly takes a picture. The result of "photohunting" depends on the successful choice of the location of the phototrap, and also, to a large extent, on luck.

In the conditions of reserves, phototraps can be used to assess the composition of fauna of distant areas, to confirm the habitat or entry into the territory by rare species ("personal" meetings with which are unlikely or unreliable). Some interesting pictures from the life of animals become popular in social networks: a bear-dancer from Visimsky Reserve, family dramas of the inhabitants of National Park "Land of the Leopard", spotted pigs from "Bryansk Forest".

Heroes of photo stories in Polistovye are oftenly typical inhabitants of the Central Russian mixed forest, meadow, boggy shores of creeks: elks, bears, roe deers, wolves, beavers.

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