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September 26 - Polistovsky Reserve participates in the World ecological Action

Schools of the Pskov region join the world action "We clean the world".

Employees of the environmental education department of Polistovsky Reserve throughout September conduct a series of open lessons and events timed to the action "We Clean the World", in schools of Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky districts, and also in Velikiye Luky.


The topic of pollution of the environment has recently become very relevant. Without thinking about the consequences, people throw garbage - that is harmful to animals and people themselves, toxic to soil and air. Can you imagine how many time a plastic bag, a can or even a simple check from the store will decompose? The answer will surprise you! But it is possible to give a second life for many, seemingly useless things!

Staff of Polistovsky Reserve share this simple idea with children of the Pskov region. Through the open lessons, pupils learn what to do to make less garbage, how to prevent the appearance of ozone holes in the atmosphere, which lead to global warming, about different types of garbage and ways to recycle it. Guys usually are very surprised to know that waste can be used again: plastic packaging after processing is excellent for shingles, food waste - for fertilizing plants (compost), and construction debris - on road rubble. As it turned out, the problem of garbage was worried for a long time, so, the English Queen Elizabeth I granted special privileges to rag pickers (old cloth collected went to produce paper), and in many countries of Europe pigs "clened” streets of organic wastes.

To consolidate the topic, children with their teachers and employees of Polistovsky Reserve went out and collected garbage on the school courtyard and the adjacent territory. We invite you to join the world action "We clean the world"!

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