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September 22 - The four-bladed stargazer

Rare mushroom was found in the vicinity of Polistovsky Reserve.

At the end of August, a fairly rare mushroom - Geastrum quadrifidum - was found by scientists and inspectors in the territory adjacent to the reserve.

Employees of the reserve found 3 mushrooms of this species. The main habitats of this fungus are coniferous, deciduous and mixed forests, it is very selective to the underlying surface, and therefore grows mainly on well-drained soils or near ditches.

The fruiting body of the fungus consists of two parts: the lower white part (exoperidium) and the upper dark (gleba), covered with a membrane (endoperidium). In gleba, there are ripening the spores, with the help of which the fungus reproduces. At the initial stage of development, exoperidium completely hides gleba, but as ripening rises, the gleba rises above exoperidium, which in turn diverges into 4 equal parts, forming kind of "legs”.

This is a fairly rare species of Geastrum, but unfortunately (or fortunately) it is not included in the Red Book of the Pskov region. However, in the neighboring Latvian republic, this species is considered very rare and even included in the Red Book of Latvia.

This finding confirms that the mycoflora of the reserve and territories adjoining is studied poorly, and it is necessary to search for new populations of rare species of fungi.

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