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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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September 13 - Polistovsky Reserve feeds Mordovia with "snowballs"

2000 guests visited the "Spotted Fest" in Mordovsky nature reserve.

The festival of nature reserves and national parks, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian nature reserve system, was held on September 9 in Pushta village (Republic of Mordovia). The first nature reserve of the Volga region – Mordovsky, - came from the protected areas from the swamps of Polistovie to the steppes of Kalmykia. In addition to the "Reserve Mordovia", which unites the Mordovian nature reserve and the national park "Smolny", colleagues from the protected areas met in the "Spotted Fest": "Black lands" (Kalmykia), Bashkiria and Shulgan-Tash (Bashkortostan), "Bolshaya Kokshaga" (Mari El), Polistovsky (Pskov region), Prisursky (Chuvashia) and Khopersky (Voronezh region). That year the festival was gastronomic, and the reserved areas prepared traditional dishes for their regions, which the guests of the festival could taste.

After the official part, all the festival grounds and excursion objects of the Mordovsky reserve began to work. On the culinary street one could taste different national cuisines and get acquainted with the reserved territories of Russia. On the alley of art crafts - to take part in master classes in pottery, woodcarving and author's painting, as well as to purchase works of masters. Entertainment for children during the whole event took place near the children's playground. Guests could visit 2 ecological trails and nature museum of the reserve. During the "Spotted Fest" was the quest "Reserve Assortment".

Polistovsky Reserve surprised guests of the festival with the opportunity not only to taste, but also to learn how to prepare a delicious and unusual dessert. Children and adults, under the guidance of specialists from the environmental education department of the reserve, cooked with pleasure "snowballs" - a curd delicacy with fresh cranberries. Berries and jam from cranberries were not recognized by most of guests of the culinary street; making "snowballs" was decided to be supplemented by tasting such a common berriy for the inhabitants of the Northwest Russia. No less interest of the festival visitors was caused by herbal mixes and soap with vegetable additives made by residents of Polistovie.

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