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August 22 - Young residents of Gogolevo visited "Beaver trail"

Employees of Polistovsky Reserve met children of Gogolevo with one of ecotrails.

In Loknya district, in the vicinity of Gogolevo village, there are 2 ecological routes running through the territory of Polistovsky Reserve buffer zone, which has preserved reminders of habitable places. Routes "Way of the Mosses" and "Beaver Trail" introduce guests not only to nature, but also to history of the region. This familiarity is especially important for young villagers, even if they visit their "small homeland" only during weekends and holidays.

On August 19, the Gogolevo Village Cultural House, with the participation of Polistovsky Reserve, invited children to an ecological performance - a trip through the forest. "Locals" silvan and kikimora told about their home and taught the guests the rules of good behavior in it. Employees of the reserve acquainted participants with hidden life of inhabitants of protected lands, which can only be opened to the eyes of an attentive and educated observer. After the games and round dances children were invited to the excursion " Beaver Trail".

11 young residents and guests of Gogolevo on cross-country vehicles went on an excursion route. The reserve employees on the road answered many questions about life of forest dwellers and work in the reserve. During tea with pies in the guest house, kids shared their impressions of what they saw and heard: they examined the tree trunk covered with many marks (woodpecker's work), noticed the wood-grouse, found out about the amazing features of a beaver: its cloven claws and the membranes on paws. The children expressed a desire to participate in the educational activities of the reserve in the future.

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