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August 21 - Anniversary of Loknya district and countryard games

The reserve with its friends took part in holidays of passing summer.

On August 18, the Culture Center of Bezhanitsy and Polistovsky Reserve held a game acquaintance with reserve residents for the children from Bezhanitsy on the dance floor. Familiar to everyone from childhood, courtyard games ("third extra", "edible-inedible") that the Culture Center spent on Fridays throughout the summer, collect in the company of several dozens of children playing.

This time games were supplemented with a puppet show: hedgehog Mitrofan suggested guys to try their hand at solving natural puzzles, and as an active workout enter the role of swamp frogs or overseas kangaroos. Young guests of the party all together, including the smallest ones, figured out which of the local mushrooms are suitable for food, what kinds of fish are found in the rivers and lakes of native lands, whose tracks can be seen on snow in the winter. Also, the children learned about what other reserves, apart from the well-known Polistovsky, exist in the country and which animals are their "living symbols". All participants of the games received memorable prizes and booklets telling about one of the inhabitants of Polistovie.

August 19 Loknya district celebrated its 90th anniversary. The holiday gathered guests from all over the region, and for the masters the festival of craft work "Pskov style" was organized. The authors conducted master classes on folk dolls, making stained glass, weaving belts, wood carving, wicker from the vine. "Design Studio of Russian modern costume" presented its collection of clothes, and the family theater "Cradle" attracted young spectators with the performance "How the Fox Married Out". Polistovsky Reserve took part in the holiday with a set of natural games and creative pursuits. The greatest interest of the guests was caused by a master class on the manufacture of felt magnets in the shape of animals. An uneasy task - to determine to which animals belong footprints and hoofs - attracted guests with their whole families.

In Loknya district there are 2 ecological routes of the reserve - "Way of the Mosses" and "Beaver trail".

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