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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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August 14 - "Polistovsky Reserve-2017" half way's passed

Volunteers of the Russian Geographical Society told about the first week in Polistovsky Reserve.

From August 5 to 11, within the framework of the project by the Russian Geographical Society "Polistovsky Reserve-2017", a volunteer team in Tsevlo village was developing a series of eco-games for the reserve. The guys came from different parts of the country. Someone from Central Russia, someone from Ural and Siberia. Volunteers have already managed to pass along the ecological path "Plavnitskoe bog", got acquainted with the main inhabitants of the reserve, as well as the flora and fauna characteristic of the marshy area.

At the beginning of the work, the guys conducted a small brainstorming exercise, with the help of which they determined the main direction of ecological and educational activity they would be moving. The choice was based on the development of a desktop and floor quest game based on the excursion route "Plavnitskoe bog". In addition, eco-games for adults with more complex tasks and interesting activities for the smallest nature lovers will be developed.

"When I had the opportunity to go to Polistovsky Reserve, I decided not to miss this chance, I wanted to see the unusual nature of the swamp and make a series of photographs of this place," says Anastasia, a student at the Soil Science Faculty of Moscow State University.

Ksenia, who works as a meteorologist at the Hydrometeorological Center in Murmansk, shared that it was especially interesting to come up with tasks for games: "The scope of the professional activities of all volunteers is different, and thanks to this we can correct and complement each other, resulting in really interesting and diverse assignments for contests we are preparing."

Now the guys have already issued a draft of one of the games. The next week they will be held in a new guest house in Gogolevo village, Loknyansky district. There they will work out the concept of excursions in the museum of village life of the second half of the XX century.

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