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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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August 10 - Infotour in Polistovsky Reserve

August 8 representatives of the tourist organizations of Pskov got acquainted with the visit-center and excursion programs of Polistovsky Reserve.

Infotour was prepared with the participation of the State Committee on culture of Pskov region.Guests appreciated the exposition of the visit-center, brightly and visually telling visitors of all ages about the life of the water system of Polistovye. Acquaintance with Tsevlo village began with a hearty breakfast. Dishes of traditional russian cuisine for visitors of the reserve are treated by a local resident Zinaida Petrovna. Cheesecakes from fresh homemade cottage cheese with jam, stewed in the oven porridge, fragrant herbal tea - and the guests are ready to travel deep into the marshes!

The road to the place from where the ecological path starts, can be overcome only by special transport. Cross-country vehicles "Kerzhak" and "Trakol", delivering tourists to the beginning of the routes, are equipped with low-pressure tires - this transport is able to overcome difficult sections of flooded muddy trails. And for passengers, a trip on a cross-country vehicle evokes the most vivid emotions! On the ecotrail "Plavnitskoe bog", accompanied by the tourism specialist Nadezhda Zaharova, the guests learned about the previously unknown life and beauty of the marsh land. According to the participants of the infotour, a swamp since childhood is familiar to many Pskov locals, but usually as a place for peat extraction, collecting of berries, hunting. Here, on the protected areas, there is an opportunity to observe the life of the unusual and such vulnerable nature of wetlands without fuss.

Returning to Tsevlo participants tasted the dinner, after which guests went for a walk through the village. This small settlement has a surprisingly rich history; Even its "witnesses" - century-old lindens, once surrounded a manor house on the shore of the lake, were preserved. The participants of the infotour visited the museum of local lore located in the school building with the usual things from the everyday life of the rural inhabitants of Polistovye: some of them can still be used, for example, crocks to weave canvas. And from history not so far removed in the memories of residents and was carefully recreated the classroom of the 80's. Here the guests, taking places at the desks, answered the questions of the teacher at the lesson of natural science. Inspection of the scientific and technical base and tea with pies completed the acquaintance with Polistovsky Reserve.

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