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August 9 - Scientific experience exchange in Astrakhan

The staff of the scientific department of Polistovsky Reserve took part in the seminar on the exchange of experience for the scientific departments of PAs, organized by Astrakhan Biosphere Reserve.

The seminar, which was held from July 24 to July 28 on the basis of the Damchik site of Astrakhan Reserve, was attended by 25 employees of specially protected areas from various regions of Russian Federation.

The welcoming speech to the seminar participants was made by the reserve director Nikolay A. Tsymlyansky.

The program of the seminar included, in addition to reports and discussions on the main areas of scientific activity of nature reserves and national parks, a number of communications concerning the organizational aspects of the work of scientific departments, such as planning and reporting on the state task, preparation of reporting documents on scientific activities and cadastre of specially protected natural areas.

Kirill V. Litvinov, deputy director for research, spoke on the main directions of scientific research and environmental monitoring in Astrakhan Reserve. Scientists of Astrakhan Reserve also reported on parasitological and ornithological studies and on the organization of phenological observations. For the seminar participants, an excursion to the weather station of the reserve was conducted, during which the employee of the reserve Elena A. Raspopova told about the meteorological observations in the reserve and about the interaction with the regional weather service.

The employees of the “Dagestanskiy” and “Nurgush” Nature Reserves, national parks “Plescheevo Lake”, “Smolenskoye Poozerie” and “Russky Sever” shared their experience of various kinds of observations (hydrochemical, ichthyological, phenological, winter route accounting).

The topic of the organization of the work of scientific departments can be attributed to the reports of Deputy Director for the Protection of Astrakhan Reserve Galina V. Zamyatina "Documents regulating the activities of the scientific department and other legal aspects arising in the course of activities. Cadastre of Protected Areas ", Chief Accountant of Astrakhan Reserve Vera A. Vasilieva "Financing of scientific activity ", scientific employee of Kerzhensky Reserve Nikolay G. Bayanov "State task - section "Implementation of research and development work" - the basic principles of budgeting for scientific activities ".

A very actual topic of storing large volumes of data from years of observations, systematization of databases and application of GIS technologies in scientific activity was devoted to speeches of employees of “Kerzhensky”, “Black Land”, “Caucasian” reserves and “Sebezhsky” National Park.

A number of speeches were devoted to the problems of staffing of scientific departments.

All speeches were accompanied by a rather active discussion of the proposed topics. As a result of the seminar, a draft resolution was adopted with proposals: to recognize the form of the seminar necessary to improve knowledge on the organization of scientific research in PAs, to confirm the need for holding similar thematic seminars in different territories, to draw attention to the need to create new and maintain existing regional associations of reserves, to emphasize the need for the development of frontal programs in the main areas of scientific research, as well as a unified methodological base, creation of a unified database for the exchange of information on ongoing scientific research at various PAs, recommend the use of the PAs of Russia platform for information exchange and methodological support of scientific activities and to give this platform an official status (recognition of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia) , recognize the importance of developing a long-term concept (strategy) for the development of scientific activity, apply to the journal "Nature conservation resource" with a request to publish a general article on the results of the seminar, to prepare a collection of articles on the results of the seminar, to encourage the participation of scientific departments in regional projects based on studying both protected areas and adjacent territories (regional Red Books, cadastres of flora and fauna, etc.), encourage the implementation of training and production practices in protected areas in order to select prospective students and train staff.

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