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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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June 30 - Inventory of Polistovie mineral islands

Scientists collected materials describing the bog system of Polistovie.

Large marsh tracts and marsh taiga systems, widespread in the European part of Russia, usually have mineral islands as part of their landscape elements. The Polistovo-Lovatskaya swamp system, protected in Polistovsky and Rdeisky nature reserves, is a convenient facility for studying them. Marsh islands are special biotopes that react sensitively to natural dynamic processes, among which the progressive bogging is the leading one. The urgency of the work is that the flora of mineral islands by has not been specifically studied by specialists so far.

In the period from 19 to 23 June, the staff of the scientific department of the reserve together with O.V. Galanina (BIN RAS) and E.A. Petrova (post-graduate student of BIN RAS) took part in the expedition on the inventory of inland islands of the reserve. During the expedition geobotanical descriptions of plant communities on each island were carried out, soil sections were laid, soil samples were taken. Herbarium material of vascular plants and bryophytes was collected for further refinement of the floral composition of the islands.

During the inventory of the flora of the islands, rare plants were found: Dactylorhiza baltica (Red Book of the Russian Federation), Lathraea squamaria, Betula nana (both the red book of the Pskov region), Listera ovata and Platanthera bifolia. During the expedition observations were also made of the avifauna of the reserve. The following bird species were encountered: a large and medium curlew, a haglock, a starling and other species.

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