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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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June 26 - Polistovie attracts animals and ecotourists

State inspectors equipped 2 salt feeders on the territory of Polistovsky Reserve near Gogolevo village.

Salt feeders are open structures in the form of grooves carved into a stump or trunk of a tree in which salt is laid. For ungulate animals, salt is a mineral top dressing, which is necessary to strengthen immunity and normalize physiological processes in organism. Roe deer constantly suffer from a lack of salt, as 60% of the consumed mineral goes to the formation of horns. The larger ungulates (elk, deer) consume up to 7 grams of salt per day. Animals come to the salt feeders both at daylight and at night.

It is planned to install phototraps in the vicinity of the salt feeders, as well as equipping additional points for mineral feeding of ungulates near the ecological routes. Visitors to the ecotrails will be able to see traces of the animals' stay, without leaving the route. Perhaps, someone will be lucky enough to notice the animals themselves: moose, deer, roe deer.

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