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June 20 - "Vacations in Polistovie" continue

Last week, the children's ecoeducative program "Vacations in Polistovie" hosted master classes on arts and crafts.

Under the guidance of the Moscow volunteer Tatyana Morel, the kids created medallions of self-hardening clay with floral motifs and also made decorations for the interior of the salted dough. The week of applied decorative creativity ended with the laying of a living florarium, where in a glass vessel were created conditions for growth of typical species of Polistovie.

In addition to the master classes, participants of program "Vacations in Polistovie" were invited to take part in an amateur theatrical performance. Rehearsals took place within 5 days under the leadership of Maria Perebaeva, who came to Tsevlo from Vladimir region. The scenario of the play was created with the participation of the children themselves and is made up of miniatures of village life. Ahead of the young actors the creation of costumes, scenery, work on images and, of course, the participants await the premiere!

During the two weeks of June, more than 40 children aged between 2 and 17 visited classes of "Vacations in Polistovie" in Tsevlo village. Summer continues, and in the program, tourist games and quizzes on ecology are planned from a new change of volunteers. In addition, the “green” improvement of the village will continue. We wish the kids bright impressions and new discoveries!

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