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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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June 8 - Hydrological monitoring in Polistovie

Work on hydrological monitoring in Polistovsky Reserve is continuing.

Leveling is a very important part of hydrological monitoring. Leveling works are carried out for high-altitude binding of water measuring posts. Due to the leveling that it is possible to calculate the changes in the height of the water meter that occurred during the season.

From June 1 to June 3, the staff of the scientific department together with the students of the Russian State Hydrometeorological University conducted leveling of water meters installed on the reservoirs and watercourses adjacent to the reserve. Water meters for regular monitoring of the water level are on the rivers Plavnitsa, Stradnitsa, Osjanka, Hlavitsa, as well as on the Nesvino and Usadbino creeks and on the lake Tsevlo.

In addition, on June 3 the staff of the scientific department of the reserve together with V.I. Batuev (State Hydrological Institute) and V.A. Smagin (Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences) carried out a taxation of the water gauge in the territory of Polistovsky Reserve.

Linear taxation is a method for determining the heights of the surface of a bog microrelief from the level of bog waters. The final result of the taxation is the determination of the absolute mark of the calculated surface of the microlandscape. In parallel with the taxation, the water level was measured, and the depths of the peat were leveled and geobotanical descriptions of the vegetation near the water-meter wells were made.

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