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June 7 - Start of the ecological contest "Your land"

Environmental initiatives of residents and guests of Pskov region will be rewarded.

On June 5, the Day of Ecology, Pskov region non-governmental organization “Lake Peipsi Project” and Polistovsky reserve announces the start of the Pskov regional environmental contest "Your land". The competition is aimed at identifying the best public environmental initiatives in 2017, preserving and promoting the natural values of Pskov region.

The competition is held in the following areas:
• "Eco-initiative" - to identify and promote the best environmental and eco-education initiatives implemented in Pskov region in 2017;
• "Green Lens" - to identify and promote the best photographs of environmental topics on the nature of Pskov region;
• "Getting to know Chudskoe" - to promote the natural and intangible cultural heritage of the Chudskoye Lake region.
To participate in the contest are invited residents and guests of the Pskov region, professional photographers and amateur photographers, non-profit organizations, pupils and teachers of general education institutions, institutions of additional education, initiative groups of citizens.

The competition is held with the administrative support of the State Committee of the Pskov Region on Environmental Management and Protection of the Environment and the State Administration of Education of the Pskov Region. The information partner of the contest is the Pskov Information Agency.

The results of the Contest will be announced on November 20, 2017. The winners will be awarded with prizes and certificates for individual, family and group excursions to the natural areas of the Pskov region, as well as honorary certificates and diplomas of the organizers of the contest.

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