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May 31 - Meteorological results of May

May turned out to be very contrast and unusual, it gave us snow and heat, as well as flowering of long-awaited herbaceous and woody plants.

May, like the previous month, this year turned out to be abnormally cool. All phenological and meteorological phenomena occur with a relative delay. The average monthly temperature in May was 10.1 ° C with a norm for this month 12 ° C. The weather made its adjustments to the plans of Polistovie inhabitants for the May holidays: it was unusual to celebrate May 1st at an average daily temperature of 3.6 ° C, and on May 9 snow completely covered the surface. That day became the coldest day in May: the average daily temperature was only 1.3 ° C. After the holidays, the temperature started to approach its usual annual marks and by the beginning of the third decade of the month reached its maximum: on May 20, the average daily air temperature reached 26.3 ° C, and the average temperature on that day was 17.1 ° C. This year May turned out to be contrast, the temperature amplitude was 16 ° C, which is quite unusual for the last month of spring.

Due to the cooling down the stage of the "green spring" was slightly delayed. Some indicators appeared at the beginning of the month: on May 5, the buttercup (Ranunculus auricomus) blossomed, and the beginning of the last stage of spring can be considered on May 19. On this day, a phenological chord of "pre-summer" was observed: Viola palustris, Viola riviniana, Stellaria holostea, Andromeda polifolia. By May 23, bird-cherry, cherry and strawberry massively blossomed, giving the scent to forests and meadows. On the same day, the first dragonfly was met - a messenger of pre-summer. By the end of May the forest was filled with buzzing of mosquitoes (Aedes communis), giving to feel that summer is not far off.

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