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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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May 29 - Students from Pskov meet Polistovie

From May 15 to 22 a group of PskovSU students had a practice in the territory of Polistovsky Reserve.

Students practice in Polistovsky Reserve annually. On Monday, May 15, a group of 3-year students of bio-ecology from the Pskov State University arrived at the reserve base in Tsevlo village. From May 15 to 22 19 students (the head of practice - the senior teacher of the Department of Botany and Ecology of Plants Mikhalap SG) got acquainted with the work of the reserve both in theory and in field classes.

The theoretical part was devoted to the development of material on environmental protection and rational nature management, the criteria for the allocation of specially protected natural areas and the procedure for their formation. The students studied the structure of Polistovsky Reserve, the history of its creation, the activities and tasks of the departments, got acquainted with the organization of scientific research and took part in them directly. An unexpected chance for young people was the opportunity to get acquainted with the scientific work of Danish specialists who were at the same time in the reserve.

During the stay in the territory of Polistovsky Reserve, students mastered the following skills: taking into account the number of waterfowl, measuring the linear growth of mosses, studying the population of birds around Tsevlo village by the method of route excursions, determining the phenological state of various groups of higher vascular plants and laying herbarium specimens. Also, during the passage of the "Plavnitskoye Bog" trail, the students got acquainted with various types of swamp ecosystems in Polistovsky Reserve.

The production practice was completed with the preparation of reports and presentations, in which students presented the results of their work.

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