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February 28 - All-Russian nature reserve lessons

All-Russian nature reserve lesson in Pskov region.

Employees of the Department of environmental education and tourism continue to meet schoolchildren of the Pskov region with Russian system of protected areas and Polistovsky state nature reserve.

One such lesson was held at school №6 (Velikie Luky town) for middle and high school students. Employees of the reserve told the children about different forms of strictly protected areas: nature reserves, national and natural parks, natural monuments and their living symbols. Children watched educational films about Russian protected areas, talked about the role of nature reserves in preserving nature, their flora and fauna, and, of course, those people who work there. Also students took an active part in the "Living Symbols" quiz, got acquainted with the inhabitants of reserved places and found protected areas on the map of Russia.

A pleasant surprise was the children's performance: they read poems about protected lands, shared their knowledge about Polistovsky Reserve and even made memorable posters and postcards dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian reserve system, and congratulated Polistovsky Reserve on that memorable date.

We thank the teachers and pupils of the school for their contribution to the protection of nature and the warm, friendly atmosphere in the class. Everyone has discovered something new and interesting, we hope that such meetings will become a good tradition!

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