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February 6 - IX scientific and practical conference

On February 3 in Bezhanitsy, there was held the 9th ecological holiday dedicated to the World Wetlands Day.

Traditionally, the festival is being held in the format of a scientific and practical conference and is organized by Polistovsky and Rdeisky Reserves.

Annually, starting from 2007, the event gathers young naturalists from Pskov and Novgorod regions. At the conference, participants share their knowledge and experience in environmental, scientific, research or environmental education activities. On the holiday, the staff of Rdeisky Reserve acquainted the children with the Polistovo-Lovatskaya bog system, the history of its study, unique properties and functions. Elena Perova, deputy director for environmental education and tourism of Polistovsky Reserve, spoke about the world's marshes, as well as the partner of the reserve, Store Mosse National Park, which protects the largest swamp in southern Sweden.

The key part of the scientific-practical conference was the performance of teams. Most of the presentations were devoted to the children's experience in environmental education and conservation, as well as studying the world around. On the topics of the report the jury asked questions to which the participants provided exhaustive information.

According to the voting results, the jury determined the finalists. First places occupied:
In the nomination "Scientific and educational activity" - Alyona Kiryukhina (Krasnoluchenskaya basic school) with the report "The influence of natural stimulants on the formation of roots."
In the nomination "Environmental protection" - the "Rysy" team (school №11, Pskov) with the report "Realization of the program" Green Schools of Russia ".
In the nomination "Ecological education activities" - the "Seekers" team (Poddorye village, Novgorod region) with the report "Use of different forms and methods in modern work on environmental education".
It is very encouraging that many teams come not for the first time and take part in the event with great pleasure. See you next year!

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