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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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January 24 - IV Festival "Pervozdannaya Rossiya"

Polistovsky Reserve took part in the nature festival "Pervozdannaya Rossiya".

"A good taste prompted a good society that touching nature is the very last word of science, reason and common sense."

On January 20 in Moscow, in the Central House of Artists, the 4th photo exhibition "Pervozdannaya Rossiya" was opened. Exhibition is a large-scale event dedicated to the Year of ecology and the 100th anniversary of the Russian reserve system.

At the exhibition one can see unique collections of photos that leave vivid impression in the soul of everyone who is not indifferent to the beauty of remote and picturesque places of our country. The program of the festival includes educative scientific lectures, master classes, meetings with travelers and photographers, presentations of protected nature objects and films about wild places of our country.

Polistovsky Reserve joined the event on January 21. For the guests, a quiz was prepared about the amazing inhabitants of our planet: everyone could show his imagination and try himself as an artist. Also, the staff of the reserve conducted an exciting master class on making origami frogs.

On January 22 on the main stage of the exhibition there was a presentation of Polistovsky Reserve. Elena Perova, deputy director for environmental education and tourism, spoke about the amazing world of upland bogs and its unique functions, unusual inhabitants and tourist opportunities. Also during the presentation, a quiz was held, where the main prize was a certificate for visiting the ecological path "Plavnitskoye Bog", the most popular route of Polistovsky Reserve.

At the festival there were presented about 500 of the most unusual and fascinating photopics, where each photo is a real masterpiece. IV Festival will be held until February 26. During this time, meetings and lectures with representatives of nature protection activities, film screenings, quizzes and master classes will continue.

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