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January 5 - New Year holidays for children

Activities on vacation for the children of Tsevlo village.

As we know, vacations are designed for recreation, but it could be different: for example, learning or participating in interesting activities, as did the guys from the camp "Rodnik".


On January 2, a festival for children was held in the club of Tsevlo. The children had fun: played round dances, environmental games and read poems to Father Frost. In addition, participants of the children's camp "Rodnik" showed their New Year performance.

And on January 4, several interesting events took place at once. Firstly, guests from the club "Dusha" (Bezhanitsy), the club "Volnitsa" (Makhnovo), as well as the children from the camp "Rodnik" took part in the master class on weaving. The master Larisa Baikova acquainted the guests with the history of weaving, as well as various ways of working - at the machine tool or on the bud. Folk art was always filled with a special meaning: each piece, pattern, colors, then, how and by whom the finished object was used, could tell a lot about an owner. The guests tried to learn that secret language studying already finished products. In addition, the guests learned about the history of Tsevlo and local customs visiting the museum of local lore.

This acquaintance with russian traditions did not end there. The second part of the program was an event dedicated to Christmastide. It was prepared by the club “Volnitsa” under the guidance of Tatiana Zhilinskaya.

Funny scenes in a vivid and fascinating manner introduced visitors to the customs associated with the celebration of Christmastide. In addition, all guests were particularly interested in participating in fortune-telling and winter games.

The day ended with a tea party with a sweet cake.

We thank everyone who helped to organize this wonderful holiday, and also supported it with their participation!

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