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December 18 - New Year's master class

On December 18, a creative master class "Alternative fir-tree" was held in the Bezhanitsy District Library.

Svetlana Nikitina, an employee of the Environmental Education Department of the Polistovsky Reserve, together with the craftsman Anna Alekseeva demonstrated to children and adults several options to create unusual Christmas trees from improvised materials such as napkins, threads and tinsel.


Svetlana and Anna shared their experience and skill with pleasure, explained how and what to do in order to create a beautiful eco-tree. The guests took an active part in the master class, and finally decorated New Year beauties with beads, shiny snowflakes and stars.

Also, as a part of the event, visitors were told about the beneficial properties of coniferous trees. As it turned out, spruce is an amazing plant, it can be used to treat various diseases. Cones, needles, branches and buds are used as antiviral agents, and the decoction of them increases the overall tone of the human body.

The Polistovsky Reserve team thanks all the participants of the event and wishes that the main New Year's attribute, the fur-tree, made by hands, would fill the house with comfort and warmth and also became a wonderful gift for friends and relatives.

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