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December 6 - Volunteer's Day in Bezhanitsy

On December 4, a festive event dedicated to the International Volunteer Day took place in Bezhanitsy.

The organizers of the festival were "Yunost" Youth Center and Polistovsky State Nature Reserve.

In the lobby of the “Kvant” cinema hall several events were prepared for guests. Children and adults could try their hand in environmental competitions where they learned a lot of new and interesting things about the plant and animal world. Young guests participated in making frog origami, after which they arranged funny "frog races". Those who preferred art were engaged in painting canvas bags with images of the Polistovie inhabitants. The masters of the clubs "Soul" (Bezhanitsy) and "Rukodelnitsa" (Krasny Luch) acquainted visitors with traditional crafts: guests participated with pleasure in master classes of weaving souvenirs from cattails and making a russian folk doll. Best works of the masters were presented at the fair.

Then guests were waited by the festive concert program, which was opened with the congratulation of the head of Bezhanitsy district Sergej K. Miheev. He sincerely thanked the volunteers of the village for their hard but valued work. The head of the department of youth policy, culture and sports of Bezhanitsy district Lubov V. Ozerskaya handed out “volunteer books” to those children who decided to become volunteers that year. The personal “volunteer book” is an analogue of the work book with the information about volunteering experience of a person. It gives certain advantages to any kind of holders like those who enters educational institutions or wishes to take part in large-scale and interesting projects such as the Olympic Games or the Universiade. The volunteers also talked about the projects implemented by them in 2016. The range of tasks of their activities is very wide: they help the socially unprotected groups of the local population, promote a healthy lifestyle, foster patriotism, eco-educational activities and much more. Within the framework of the festival, the active volunteers of the "Yunost" center (Bezhanitsy) and the "Friends Club of the Polistovsky Reserve” were awarded. A pleasant surprise for all was the performance of artists from Bezhanitsy and Krasny Luch.

The International Volunteer Day is celebrated annually on December 5 by the decision of the UN General Assembly of 1985. The work of volunteers covers various social tasks, and everyone can find a job that corresponds to its interests and skills. Any person at the age of 13 who wishes to devote its time and energy to voluntary work aimed at solving socially important tasks can become a volunteer. The celebration of the International Volunteer Day helps to attract the attention of society to many acute issues, as well as express gratitude to those whose unselfish work transforms the world around, making it kinder and better.

We sincerely thank our volunteers and wish them success in their wonderful and noble work!

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