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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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May 23 - Pskov residents drew portraits of a dorhawk

On May 19 Pskov reserve museum in counteraction with Polistovsky reserve joined the international action "Museum night". From evening until midnight, the doors of the central building of the museum, the picture gallery, the Pogankin Chambers were opened for guests, and some interactive events were held in the open air in the museum yard.

The "Museum Night - 2017" started from the photo exhibition "Polistovsky birds" together with the winners of readers' contest dedicated to the Year of ecology in Russia. The director of the reserve museum, Yuri Kiselev, in his opening remark reminded of the importance to take care of the nature, drawing a parallel with the support of the cultural heritage as an "ecology of the soul".

During the evening, visitors took part in the laboratory workshop "Living Water", heard the lyrics of medieval knightly poetry, choral and vocal music. In the courtyard of the museum guests watched the exhibition of Pskov historical photos.

Employees of the Polistovsky reserve suggested everyone to become artists of the images of "unknown creatures", taking part in the creative interactive issue. This occupation was liked by both children and adults. Guests enthusiastically composed and drew the image of animals with unfamiliar names: shrew, greenshank, spindle, dorhawk... In the course of the action participants learned about the Polistovsky reserve, its typical and rare inhabitants, and about the ability to visit the excursion routes of the Polistovye.

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