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November 18 - Ecological action "Feed the birds in winter!"

Polistovsky Reserve invites everyone to join the All-Russian action "Feed the birds in the winter!" 

Winter is the most difficult time for the birds. Cold made insects to hide, seeds and berries are covered with the snow. Many of the birds migrate in autumn to other regions, where food is more plentiful, but some of them remain in their native places. 


If you want to take care of the birds that stayed with us for the winter time, you should remember a few rules. Bird-feeder should be comfortable for the birds and in the same time it should protect food from snow, wind and rain. It is not recommended to give too much food, as it makes birds lazy. It is better if the feeder is made of environmentally friendly materials, such as wood or cardboard. 
Even in winter, every kind of bird prefers a certain type of food. Good choice is sunflower seeds, it is preferred by chickadees, nuthatches and woodpeckers. When you feed birds with millet, wheat or oats, you can attract sparrows, goldfinches, long-legged flies and other granivorous birds. Tits like unsalted fat, which can be hung on the branches of trees or bushes. Try to feed birds with variety, it will attract different bird species. 

As part of the action "Feed the birds in winter!" employees of the department of environmental education of Polistovsky Reserve organize at schools and library lessons, dedicated to wintering birds of the Pskov region. We invite everyone to join the action "Feed the birds in winter!", to create feeders and to feed wintering birds. 

Send us photos of your bird-feeders and their guests by e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and the best of the works we will publish on our pages in social networks.

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