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November 2 - The month of the animals of Red Data book finished

During all the October time in the schools and kindergartens of Pskov region the employees of Polistovo natural reserve environmental education department were holding seminars dedicated to The world day of animals’ protection.

This event goal was to give children the knowledge about the Red book and the reasons of animals and plants are being placed in this book. Also the children were taught how to carefully treat our nature.

To get to the point of the event the presentation about the Red book and the cartoon were demonstrated. The topic of both was the influence of a man on nature, as well as what can be done to prevent the animals being placed in to the Red book. 

In the end of each session there was a quiz to check the knowledge the children managed to acquire. The most prominent participants got small presents from the Polistovo natural reserve.

Such an activities are being held by Polistovo every month. The events aiming to rise the environmental awareness among the children.

Should you have any question regarding the environmental seminars please call: +7 (811) 41- 22 – 391

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