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7 September - Saving of hobby

Few days ago residents of the village Gogolevo found a Eurasian hobby, a small bird from family Falconidae. The hobby damaged wing and couldn’t fly. People asked the administration of Polistovsky Reserve to help the bird.

Reserve employees contacted the owner of the Ecopark "ZooGrad" Andrei B. Goloshchapov. He agreed to take the bird on the rehabilitation, but noted that the hobby will stay at the center for whole winter and probably for life, since without adequate rehabilitation program birds of prey quickly lose hunting skills.


Employees of Polistovsky Reserve are not for the first time applying to the Ecopark with such request. For example, last year on rehabilitation to "ZooGrad" was delivered Ural owl. Bird was brought to Polistovsky Reserv by schoolchildren, after it crashed into a glass window and fell. Owl quickly went on the mend and started to accept food.
Ecopark "ZooGrad" was created on the basis of the Centre for birds "Argus" opened on the western part of Pushkinogorsky District in 2000. In 2010 the Centre for birds changed its name to Ecopark, as the animals became much more than birds, and its territory has expanded considerably. At the moment, employees of Ecopark are not only engaged in the rehabilitation of animals and birds, but also developing "ZooGrad" as a tourist site of the Pskov region.
Polistovsky Reserve thanked everyone for their indifferent attitude towards the nature. We will follow the news about hobby’s life.

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