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1 September - The day of knowledge

September the 1st is not only the first day of autumn, but also it is the beginning of a new school year.

Today by the tradition a school assembly, devoted to the Day of Knowledge, was held in Bezhanitsy School. The head of Bezhanitsy district Sergej K. Mikheev and director of school Natalya L. Antonova congratulated pupils, their parents and teachers.


Also there were representatives of organizations where pupils worked in summer time. Elena Perova, Deputy Director for ecological education, interpretation and tourism thanked children for their participation in ecological activities of Polistovsky Reserve and presented special gift to Anna Zakharova, 10-th grade student, for her help in organizing the children's camp "Holidays in Polistovie".

It is worth mentioning a few historical facts concerning this day. Initially September the 1st was celebrated as a Day of harvest by many folks. Till the end of XVII century in Russia people celebrated the New Year at this day, but in a time of Peter the Great date of the beginning of New Year was moved to the 1st January like in Europe.

Now September the 1st is a public holiday Day of Knowledge in Russia. 

Polistovsky Reserve congratulates everyone on this day!

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