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August 11 - Visit to Sebezhsky National Park

Visit to Sebezhsky National Park 

Employees of the Department of environmental education and ecological tourism of Polistovsky Reserve visited Sebezhsky National Park in order of sharing experience.

Despite the fact that the trip took only one day our employees have received a lot of interesting information and bright impressions. Irina Tsvetkova, Deputy Director of the department of environmental education of the National Park "Sebezhsky", gave a tour into the heart of the old city Sebezh, to the beauty sights and on the shore of Lake Sebezhskoye, from where one can see the historic city center.

One of the main points of our program was a visit to the new route "Forest Fairy Tale". Traveling by this trail brings guests into the world of fairy-tale forest, where one can meet Baba Yaga, Leshiy, Kikimora or Solovey-Raznoynik. By the way special stands give scientific information about local trees and tell visitors about Russian beliefs associated with forests and its inhabitants. Also this route goes through the unique genetic reserve of Karelian birch. Because of its beautiful appearance and high strength Karelian birch is highly valued, now it is used as an ornamental material for the manufacture of boxes, cigarette cases and furniture production.

The end of our trip was at the tourist center "Ozeryavki" where visitor center "Wetlands of Sebezh Lake District" is located. Also there is a six-meter tower for birdwatching near visit center. It was built a year ago near the lake Ozeryavki which is a place for nesting and feeding for different waterbirds: swans, gulls, herons, cranes, etc. This National Park is home to over 200 species of birds; more than ten of them are included in the Red Book of the Russian Federation. From the territory of the camp "Ozeryavki" also begins another ecological route "Big grebel".

Sebezhsky National Park is located at the border of three countries: Russia, Latvia and Belarus. It was founded on January 8, 1996 in order to preserve the unique natural complex of the southern part of the Pskov region. Area of the National Park is about 50,021 ha, there are more than 360 lakes on its territory.

Employees of Polistovsky Reserve thank Sebezhsky National Park, especially Irina Tsvetkova, for hospitality and informative tour through the park!

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