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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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August 5 - Ships of all flags will come to us...

Ships of all flags will come to us... 

On August 3rd the first international meeting dedicated to eco-camp “Holidays in Polistovie” was run!
The volunteers from Belorussia, Ireland, Volgograd region and Moscow region came to visit children in Tsevlo. Together they will learn English, play sport and touristic games, practice photo-shooting.

For international team the introduction of Polistovskiy area traditionally began with visiting of ecological trail “Plavnitskoyeboloto”. They were truly amazed by beauty of Natural Reserve. Some of them saw for the first time how bluberry and cranberry grow. Everyone was amazed by stunning view of swamp and got unforgettable memories of this trip among the silent kingdom of sphagnum mossand swamp pines.

The day after the volunteers met with the participants of eco-camp in the country club of Tsevlo. The volunteers were very enthusiastic to prepare different activities for the children.
The first meeting was hold in a very warm atmosphere. The main intrigue for children was to identify each volunteer’s home country/city. This puzzle was cracked during the quiz which was also aiming to introduce to participants the home-countries of volunteers.
After that the quiz about Ireland was run. It turned out, the children know a lot about the country and even can speak a bit of English.
The next section introduced us to history of photography. The children could see the world famous photo shoots which marked the beginning of the photography era overall.

The international shift of eco-camp will last until August 12th. We will continue to run different interesting activities, such as sport games, English learning, photo-shooting.
We are hoping that the children will remember such a great Summer in Tsevlo, as well as this couple of weeks will be memorable for our volunteers!

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