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August 2 - Photo exhibition “Polistovsky birds” in Sebezh town

Photo exhibition “Polistovsky birds” in Sebezh town

Photo exhibition was launched in Sebezh local cultural center (the address is 21A building, 7 Noyabrya street. The exhibition is dedicated to the birds of Polistovskiy National Reserve. More than 20 works of famous photographer, AndrianKolotilin, are available for visitors until mid-August.

There are more than 200 types of birds living on the Polistovskiy National Nature Reserve territory. Thebirdsnesthere, hatching and feeding themselves on the local rivers banks. You can see a lot of them during excursions in Natural Reserve. There are some very rare species that are in the Red book of Russia: predator osprey, black stork, white-tailed eagle, curlew and many others.

We are hoping that Polistovsky Reserve will get a lot of new friends and supporters who visited the exhibition!

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