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July 25 – The Day of Pskov city

ThegloriousPskovcityturned 1113 on July 23!

Polistovsky National Nature Reserve employees organized special area where every visitor could try Tsevelskie pies made by grannies as well as herbal tea from Polistovo. Besides, theecologicalgamesforchildrenandadultswereorganized. ThevisitorscouldbuysomesouvenirsaswellaslearnaboutthelargestinEuropePolistovo-Lovatskaya wetland system and its functions. Also visitors were introduced the information regarding excursions to the Polistovskiy National Reserve.


TheDayofthecitycelebrationprogramalsoincludedIVInternational festival of multimedia installation. Allthevolunteersmadeamotor rally around the bottle glory places and the memorial places of Pskov. The concert with the participation of talented vocalists and choreographic ensembles of Pskov region was held. The celebration was ended with firework.

The Polistovskiy National Reserve congratulates the city of Pskov with this Day and wishes all the best!

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