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July 21 – Summer school – expedition

Summer school – expedition NaturaЛИСТ launched in Polistovskiy Reserve.

All June the hard work was on going on Polistovskiy Natural Reserve scientificbase. Scientific-educational project NaturaЛИСТlaunchedSummerschool – expeditionforabout 100 Moscowprimary school students. Fourshiftsoflittle «scientists» completed serious individual and group projects.

The aim of the Summer School is to create conditions for professional self-determination students through their involvement in research activities in the field of ecology, biology, local history and geography.The structure and content of the short-term training programs are aimed at the study of the world, have an integrated character and combine theoretical training in nature with practical activities and experience of independent research.This combination ensures the formation of the general educational skills and ways of life, allows for interdisciplinary communication with other subjects, contributes to the formation of information culture of students who learn different ways of obtaining information, using algorithms, models, diagrams, etc.Identification, study and conservation of biological diversity is one of the major research tasks in connection with the increase of anthropogenic impact.Living in conditions of the major metropolitan areas, modern children lose complete perception of nature in its original form.It is therefore particularly important to conduct a variety of extra-curricular activities in environmentally friendly areas, surrounded by nature small populated areas, especially in nature reserves.The program is designed by assistant professor of biology and biotechnology MPGU Korolkova Ekaterina Olegovna taking into account features of the reserve and Tsevlo, and the age of young researchers - the participants of the Summer School of the expedition.The program includes faculty tours - both complex and dealing with specific phenomena of the world, which allows even the layman to get acquainted with the elementary skills of field research.During each shift were intensive lectures, workshops and field outputs. And of course business card Polistovsky Reserve - trips Plavnitskoe marsh, which gave the participants an unforgettable experience and new knowledge.

The work in the Summer School began with themed research projects. Projects have been carried out not only in the field of ecology, biology and geography, but also touched on social issues (succession processes on the local area of abandoned sites of Tsevlo, description and analysis of the weather conditions in Tsevlo, research Plavnitskogo salinity marshes, etc). Participantsget the materials after post-processing of the field data.

The project curatorshelped students to determine the subject of projects, and teaching staff of the school gave the content. At the end of our school hosted a scientific-practical conference young researchers presented their research projects and received recommendations for the continuation and development.
Leisure program was also aimed at the development of communication skills and cognitive activities: quizzes, creative and team sporting events, watching educational films and not only. Especially memorable were the participants of the Summer School "tasty" master classes in baking pies.And of course, no one could remain indifferent excursion to the museum, which is located in Tsevelskoy school.

We believe that the holding of the Summer School of the expedition in Polistovsky Reserve will become a long tradition!

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