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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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29 July - The second group of volunteers arrived.

On 18th of July, the second group of volunteers came into Polistovsky Reserve.

This group, as previous, consisted only of women that set thinking why young men are not eager to become the volunteers... So, let’s call our heroines. There are master's graduate of the Russian State Agrarian University Maria Prokhorova and Lubov’ Sharapova and 3rd year student of biological faculty of Moscow State University Varvara Dikaya and Anastasia Medvedeva.

Last year the weather did not allow to complete botanical description and enumeration of undergrowth on pyrogenic areas laid down on burns of 2002. Therefore, it was necessary to finish the job this year. Maria Prokhorova tells about volunteers’ help to the scientific department of the reserve and her impression of this work: "We arrived in Polistovsky reserve, edge of lakes and bogs, for geobotanical descriptions on pyrogenic areas. We admire the beauty of this region, the goodwill of local residents and Reserve employees. We went by the motor boats from the village Tsevlo to the village Ruchi.

It was very long way: from the lake Tsevlo by the river Tsevla to the lake Polisto. Polisto strikes us by its vastness, it is a whole sea!The work was challenging, but very interesting. For 3 days we have described two patches and even checked houses for dormice in the abandoned village. During our work we have learned a lot of interesting and informative things from our head, staff scientist Tatiana Novikova. She told me not only a lot of new methods of work, about the flora and fauna of the reserve and the history of the region, but also about plants and wetlands in general. We had luck to see some inhabitants of the forest: the moose and birds: buzzards, an owl, a wood grouse hen and a hazel grouse. Evenings were held in a warm atmosphere of interesting conversations. Our work was a pleasure and I hope we will be able to take part in such a complex and necessary work in the Reserve once again!

And it is worth noting the remarkable assistance of the Department of the Territory Protection in the face of inspectors Dmitry Eremin and Nicholai Kopysov. Dmitry accompanies us in these expeditions not for the first time and he became a professional in the field of botany. And Nikolai Vladimirovich we all thank for the delicious dinners and overheated bath-house.”

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