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May 23 - Bird accounting: bog biodiversity

Bird accounting: bog biodiversity

Last week accountings of bog birds were held in Polistovsky Reserve - it's an annual monitoring, which began in 2012. This year ornithologist Oksana Shemyakina carried out accountings with a help of students from Pskov State University passing training practice in the Reserve. During the monitoring they not only got acquainted with the work of the scientific department of the Reserve, but also were lucky to meet some interesting findings.

Accounting of charadriiformes was held at the area in the bog, which is located on a swamp near Wolf island. At this area the bog is inhabited by whimbrel, curlew, black-tailed godwit, golden plover, wood sandpiper, greenshank, and common gull. According to preliminary data, this year the number of birds remained on the long-term average level.

It is interesting that on the same bog area observers met Red Data book willow ptarmigan and red-footed falcon pair - also very rare birds that are likely to be nesting on a small island in the raised bog.

In addition, a mallards' nest was found during the accounting. This finding is interesting because mallards usually nest near open water, and this one for some reason chose the swamp on the bog to nest.

Also as part of monitoring participants went from Wolf Island to the Dolgoe lake to account birds at this area in the bog and near the lake. Whimbrels, curlews, marsh harrier, black-throated diver, great snipe, common and black-headed gulls were met there.

During the expedition participants were managed to reveal 5 nesting sites of curlews (Red Data Book of Russia) and to find 3 their nests. Hatching out is coming soon! :)

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