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May 20 - Visit of the colleagues from Sweden

From the 16th to the 19th of May colleagues from Sweden visited Polistovsky Reserve to exchange experiences in the framework of Russian-Swedish cooperation in the field of environmental conservation

This week Polistovsky Reserve was visited by the representatives of two national parks of Southern Sweden: "Store Mosse" and "Asnen", as well as representatives of County Administrative Board of Jönköping working with protected areas, and Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Earlier, in the autumn of 2015, Polistovsky Reserve employees also visited Sweden in the framework of experience exchange program and received a lot of useful information on the design of naturums, organization of work with volunteers and about a program of research and monitoring on protected areas.

During the May visit, the guests got acquainted with Polistovsky Reserve activities by watching presentations of the Reserve's staff about the Russian system of protected areas, the Reserve itself, working in the spheres of environmental education, interpretation and tourism, on the protection of the territory of the Reserve and scientific research, interaction with the local community and work with the general public. Particular attention was paid to the white-backed woodpecker - rare species in Sweden, which is actively studied by both countries in the framework of the cooperation program.

Also Swedish colleagues met the Head of the Administration of Bezhanitsky district Sergey Mikheev and talked on the rational use of natural resources and the role of municipalities in the preservation of natural heritage. In addition, the guests visited the ecological routes of Polistovsky Reserve, author's excursions of Tsevlo residents, and, of course, got aquainted with the traditional local cuisine.

According to the Swedish conservationists, they learned a lot of interesting ideas implemented in Polistovsky Reserve. They particularly marked the organization of a regular work with school children, interaction with the inhabitants of the territories adjacent to protected areas, analysis of public opinion. In addition, colleagues noted the high nature value of Polistovsky Reserve areas, rich biodiversity and the successful development of ecological tourism.

Following the visit, it is planned to make a program of further cooperation. It may include the exchange of methodical materials in the sphere of environmental education, conducting simultaneous and possibly joint events and volunteer actions, communication specialists on scientific subjects, working with the local community and the general public and the exchange of new ideas in all other areas of PA activity.

We thank colleagues for the visit and look forward to further cooperation!

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