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May 13 - "We clean the world" action

Action "We clean the world"

Today students of the 7th form of Bezhanitsy school took part in the traditional ecological action of Polistovsky Reserve "We clean the world", which is a part of the "March for parks - 2016".

Children collected garbage on several streets around their school. Unfortunately, there were lots of garbage, including plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper and glass. All these waste will decompose on the places where it was thrown for tens and hundreds years.

Below is a list of approximate timing of decomposition of various household waste:

food waste - up to 1 month,

newsprint, cardboard - up to 1 year,

office paper - up to 2 years,

wooden boards - up to 10 years,

iron - up to 10 years,

old shoes - up to 10 years,

cans - up to 90 years,

brick, concrete, foil, battery - up to 100 years,

rubber, plastic - over 100 years

polyethylene - 200 years,

aluminum cans - 500 years,

glass - more than 1000 years.

We call upon all our readers to join the campaign "We clean the world" and to remove waste around their houses, and ideally reflect on the separate collection of waste. Let's make the world around us cleaner together!

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