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April 28 - Bird accounting in Polistovsky

Bird accounting in Polistovsky Reserve

Spring bird accounting was held in Polistovsky Reserve. The end of April was selected to carry them out because it is the best time to take into account the species that start breeding early in the spring: woodpeckers, tits, thrushes, nuthatches, and treecreepers.

Such observations are carried out in the Reserve annually. Regularity is important to monitor the stability of the ecosystem; in this case, stability is determined by ornithofauna.

During the April accounting ornithologist of Polistovsky Reserve Oksana Shemyakina visited southern - south-eastern part of the protected area. Two accounting routes with total length of 7.2 km are located in spruce-deciduous forests and parvifoliate forests of the Reserve’s buffer zone. Each route was visited three times to estimate the number of the birds more accurately.

"There is nothing outstanding in this season, it’s average, normal. All birds are here, enough of all of them - everything is stable,"- Oksana Shemyakina tells about the accounting.

In addition to the bird accountings in the forest, every year in May Polistovsky Reserve ornithologist conducts accountings of aquatic and semi-aquatic species, birds of overgrowing and flood-meadows, as well as representatives of the Charadriiformes.

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