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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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April 27 - Polistovsky archaeology

Polistovsky archaeology

On the 26th-27th of April research staff of "Archaeological Center of the Pskov region" visited areas near Polistovsky Reserve.

They came in order to conduct an inspection of archaeological monuments of Polistoviye that were last time visited by researchers and were documented in 1980s.

It should be noted that we know much less archeological sites in this area than in neighboring regions, and they are poorly studied, so for the experts it was twice interesting to visit them to check their current state.

During the two-day expedition Pskov archaeologists visited 5 archaeological monuments belonging approximately to the first half of the second millennium BC (6-12 ages), including burial mounds, a knoll and a hill fort. “Hill fort” in archeology is a fortified settlement where people gather in case of danger, also there were unfortified settlements for permanent living, and at a distance for about 1 kilometer people usually arranged burials (burial mounds). That’s how our ancestors lived in Polistoviye at the beginning of the millennium.

Carrying out more thorough archaeological research it’s possible to learn more information about the history of these places, but archaeological excavations are not planned - the probability of finding valuable artifacts in this case is too low, and there is no reason to damage the monuments.

However, data collected during the expedition, can be used to design a historic route through Polistovsky areas in order to preserve cultural heritage and natural landscapes and to tell residents and guests of Polistoviye about how could people live here hundreds of years ago.

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