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April 26 - "Journey to Polistoviye" contest

Results of the contest "Journey to Polistoviye"

Children's literary and art contest "Journey to Polistoviye", held by Polistovsky Reserve within the action "March of parks-2016" is finished. Participants of the contest had to create an illustrated story or a poem, dedicated to one of the animals or plants living in Polistovsky Reserve.

The contest started on the 10th of February and children sent their works to Polistovsky till the 20th of April. As a result, 67 works from the participants from Pskov region and beyond took part in the contest.

Now we pass to results of the contest. In the category "Poem" the winners are:

I place - Maxim Zheleznov, Velikiy Novgorod

II place - Anna Vasilyeva, Bezhanitsy

III place - Hramcova Maryana, Porechye

In the category "Fairy Tale" in the age group of 7 to 10 years the winners are:

I place - Nikolay Sherbakov, Rusanovo

II place - Arina Chernenkova, Bezhanitsy

III place - Albina Mysuk, Bezhanitsy

And in the age group from 11 to 16 years the best works in the category "Fairy Tale" are:

I place - Mikhail Blinov, Loknya

II place - Vladimir Baykov, Porechye

III place - Ulyana Kaplanskaya, Pskov

The winners will receive certificates, in addition, a book "Journey to Polistoviye" will be released according to the results of the contest, it will include all works of the winners, as well as two more good works, a little bit behind the winners at summarizing, the authors are Daria Shnitova and Vyacheslav Lapin.

Thanks to all participants of the contest for original and colorful works! Congratulations to the winners and future co-authors of the book "Journey to Polistoviye"!

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