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April 21 - Russian PAs are preparing for fire season

Russian protected areas are actively preparing for upcoming fire season

Preventive measures to minimize the risk of forest fires are carried out in all protected areas of Russia - National Parks, National Nature Reserves and Sanctuaries.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia Sergey Donskoy gave a corresponding instruction to administrations of protected areas.

Due to the dry weather, the threat of forest fires increases in a number of regions. In order to prevent fires, as well as to organize monitoring of fire hazard and extinguishing forest fires, theoretical trainings were conducted for Reserves' staff and inspectors. The training program included lectures on extinguishing forest fires.

Recall, the fire-dangerous period lasts from the date of snowmelt to the establishment of stable snow cover. This year, the majority of PAs announced the beginning of the fire hazardous period from the 9th to the 19th of April.

As a part of the preparation for a fire-dangerous period land, water and air patrol routes were developed and approved, the necessary amount of fuel and lubricants is provided, points of concentration of fire equipment are retrofitted and existing fire-fighting equipment is repaired.

Thus, technical condition of the existing fire-fighting equipment was checked and practical training on its application was held in Altai Reserve (Republic of Altai). In addition, complex cleaning of cordons and surrounding areas was organized in Yailyu village (central farmstead of the Reserve).

Fire situation monitoring is conducted continuously using Internet resources and satellite data analysis of the earth's surface for the presence of hotspots, that indicate the presence of natural fires with a high probability.

In Komsomolsky Reserve (Khabarovskiy Kray) attention is paid to communications, stable operation of which allows to receive and transmit information about the fire situation operatively.

Meteorological station of Kerzhensky Reserve (Nizhny Novgorod region) daily recorded data necessary to determine the class of fire danger according to the weather conditions. Further, Reserve staff using special formulas calculate special indicator, from which the fire probability of forest directly depends - the higher class of fire danger, the greater probability of occurrence and spread of fire from any source. Therefore, in IV-V class of fire danger strengthened patrolling is held in the forests, and citizens' access to the forest is prohibited.

In Polistovsky Reserve fire-fighting equipment is placed on instant alert and ready for rapid response, planned sessions and trainings with staff have been held. A recent check of Rosprirodnadzor in conjunction with the environmental prosecutor's office has shown Polistovsky Reserve's willingness for the fire-dangerous period.

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