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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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April 20 - Moose counting in Polistovsky

Moose counting was held in Polistovsky Reserve

How many mooses live in Polistovsky Reserve? Researchers of FGBI "Tsentrohotcontrol" Alexei Likhachev and Dmitry Solovyov were looking for the answer to this question together with the inspectors of the Reserve last week.

It is not easy to count the number of animals in the wild, especially considering the fact that moose trying to keep out of people's sight. However it is possible to calculate animals that inhabit a defined territory. There is a wide variety of methods how to do that, one of which was used in Polistovsky Reserve. The method is pretty curious. The number of moose is determined by the number of their excrement left over the winter, counting them it is possible to draw conclusions about the number of animals.

This procedure was carried out on the territory of Polistovsky Reserve and its buffer zone from the 11th to the 16th of April. Accounting took place predominantly on forest areas - in winter moose eat mostly wood-twig food, and prefer to spend time in the mid-aged and young aspen and birch forests. Surveys were carried out on appropriate areas that covered the southern part of the Reserve and the buffer zone near Gogolevo village, as well as western and north-western - near Polisto Lake, Ratcha tract and on the right bank of Polist river. During the observations researchers passed 18 routes with total length of 89 kilometers. Now the field data is collected; and researchers started calculation of the number of moose.

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